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Week of Welcome

Miami-Dade County Public Schools

Welcome to the Miami-Dade County Public Schools Week of Welcome! Below is information you and your child will need as we embark on schooling in 2020-2021.

How It Works

To help you determine what to view, the content is organized into “Must Watch” and “Recommended” videos and resources for each day. “Must Watch” resources range from approximately 5 to 30 minutes in length. 

 Must Watch


Some “Must Watch” resources are for special groups of students. These resources are tagged to indicate that they are for Pre-K, Exceptional Student Education (ESE), or English Language Learners (ELL).

You can also see who the intended audience is – either students, parents, or families (which means both students and parents). 




If you miss a day’s modules, don’t worry! You can always go back and review the day’s released content in the daily programming schedule. You can also select to view the resources by individual category.

Let’s get Started

This website is your main source of the content for the Week of Welcome. Beginning on Monday, August 24, a series of modules will be made available for students and families to watch every day. These modules will cover a range of topics in 4 main categories – Connecting Virtually, Healthy Mind & Body, Supporting Student Success, and Your Child on Campus.

Daily Programming Schedule

The Daily Programming Schedule allows you to preview the resources that will become available each day during the Week of Welcome. You may view the resources as they become available each day through the schedule below.

Monday, August 24
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  Must Watch


Online Safety (ENG 32:02) Adjusting to the New Normal
Parent Account Registration (ENG 3:52) Back to School Online Resources
Problem-Solving Skills (ENG 29:27) e-Tips for Students & Families
Social Emotional Learning/Growth Mindset (ENG 18:16) Transition to High School
Transition to Kindergarten
Transition to Middle School
Tuesday, August 25
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  Must Watch


A Day in the Life of MSO Elementary (ENG 13:03) Challenging Behaviors at Home
A Day in the Life of MSO Secondary (ENG 7:34) COVID 19’s Emotional Impact on Our Children
An Overview for Students on Mental Health & M-DCPS Support Services (ENG 10:54) Social Emotional Strategies (Mawi Learning)
Mindfulness for Families (ENG 22:38) Restorative Practices
Navigating the Parent Portal (ENG 2:35)
Setting Up a Student’s Email Account (ENG 3:50)
Student Portal Navigation (ENG 2:49)
Wednesday, August 26
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  Must Watch


Communicating Effectively with Your School (ENG 13:19)
Coping with COVID-19 – Mental Health Tips for Children and Families
Downloading the Dadeschools Mobile App (ENG 3:30) Creative Activities for Adolescents to Promote Hope and Healing During the Pandemic
Immunizations (ENG 3:50) Stress Management For Adolescents & Their Parents During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Mental Health Awareness for Parents/M-DCPS Mental Health Services (ENG 19:55) Tips for Staying Safe Online
My School Online & Fall Distance Learning Orientation (ENG 18:31)
Resources for Families of English Language Learners**

** “Must Watch” for special student groups

Thursday, August 27
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  Must Watch


Facts About the Spread of Communicable Diseases & COVID-19 (ENG 2:40)
Are You a Good Digital Citizen?
Signs & Symptoms of Communicable Diseases (ENG 3:28) Celebrating Differences
Keeping Our Children Safe (ENG 31:03) Mindful Eating for Family
Helping Your Child Focus (ENG 23:58) Strategies for Mood Improvement When Times are Tough
A Day in Pre-K During Distance Learning** (ENG 10:05) Support for Students and Families Living in Unstable Housing
Guide Your Pre-K Child’s Play and Learning at Home ** (ENG 13:04)
Helping Your Pre-K Child with Writing ** (ENG 9:03)

** “Must Watch” for special student groups

Friday, August 28
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  Must Watch


COVID-19 & Communicable Disease Prevention (ENG 8:01)
Building Resilience
Everyday Activities During the COVID-19 Pandemic (ENG 3:56) Helping Your Child Cope
Social Emotional Support at Home (ENG 6:47) Homework Help
Student Attendance Procedures (ENG 18:27)
Values Matter Miami at Home
At-Home Daily Student Health Screenings (ENG 5:38)
ESE Connects: Microsoft Accessibility Features and More! (ENG 17:08)
ESE Delivers: ESE Reopen Smart Return Safe** (ENG 13:05)
ESE Motivates: Keeping your Child Motivated During Distance Learning** (ENG 14:35)
ESE Prepares: Preparing to Return to School** (ENG 16:51)
ESE Strategies: Home Strategies for Distance Learning** (ENG 17:06)

** “Must Watch” for special student groups

Week of Welcome Programming also available on WLRN TV (Channel 17)

Superintendent’s Parent Webinar

Webinar is available in English and subtitled in Spanish and Haitian Creole.

English | Español | Kreyol 

Four Categories

Week of Welcome modules have been organized by categories for your convenience. 

Connecting Virtually

Learn all you need to know about accessing and succeeding in My School Online! Topics in this category include: Devices and Connectivity, Student Email Accounts, Cyber Safety, and Digital Citizenship.

Healthy Mind & Body

Academic success hinges on students’ overall well-being. This series of modules includes important information and tips related to mental health, nutrition and exercise, and social-emotional learning.

Supporting Student Success

Help set your child up for success! Learn about the importance of schedules and routines, establishing good study habits, and the multitude of support services available through M-DCPS to meet your child’s needs.

Your Child on Campus

M-DCPS will Reopen SMART and help our students and employees Return SAFE. Learn more about our new health and safety protocols and gain a glimpse at a typical day in the Schoolhouse Model.

Latest Updates on Reopening Schools

Get the information on Gating Criteria, latest numbers, upcoming dates and important updates regarding the ongoing desicions being made regarding the Reopening of Schools in Miami-Dade County.

M-DCPS Reopening Guide

M-DCPS is prepared to Reopen SMART and Return SAFE. View the guide to access information on the procedures and health protocols that will be implemented in 2020-2021, the My School Online and Schoolhouse instructional models, student registration and vaccinations, internet access, and more.

HELP is Available

Call 305-995-3000 for Reopening Questions

M-F 8am-4pm


Frequently Asked Questions

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